About Us:

The Gas Man trusted since 1991.

• We provide quality installation of all residential natural gas appliances.

• Our experienced technicians are licensed, insured and registered with the

  Technical Standards & Safety Authority

  (TSSA http://www.tssa.org).

Quality Assurance:

• By utilizing quality materials and pride in workmanship we set ourselves

  apart from the competition.

• Customer satisfaction, comfort and safety are our highest priorities.

• All our work is fully guaranteed.


• Why hire separate contractors? Keep it simple! We can install dishwashers,

  waterlines for ice makers and other multi-trade appliances.

• In most cases installation times can be coordinated with appliance delivery times.

• Saturday installations are also available.

• All installations are performed by licensed technicians specializing in their trades.

• We install all name brand appliances regardless of where they were purchased.

  Let the salespeople do the selling and the professionals do the installation.


Appliance Installation